Mens varsity cross country takes second place in Pine Crest Relay Race

Ariana Perez

On Friday, Aug. 16, the Mens varsity cross country team ran in the Pine Crest Six Mile Cross Country Relay at Tradewinds Park. The race started at 4 p.m. The team ran against a total of 14 other teams.

“I feel very hopeful for the rest of the season,” Junior Alex Miller said. “This is the first race of the season, and we already came out on top. Our summer training really helped us out today.”

The mens varsity cross country team took second place with a time of 34:19 after running a total of six miles in the blistering heat.

“The meet was really fun, we all worked hard to do well in this meet.” Sophomore Landon Kefford said. “Our team went against some pretty tough teams, so I am happy that we placed 2nd overall,” 

The next meet will take place on Thursday Aug. 29, located at Markham Park. The meet will start at 4:30 p.m.