Sandy Hook Promise video brings attention to gun violence in school



It’s difficult to watch children act out trauma. But the Sandy Hook Promise video is a haunting depiction of the fear that children face every day as they walk into school. (Sandy Hook Promise screenshot/TNS)

Tilly Cohen

(Sandy Hook Promise screenshot/TNS)

On Wednesday, Sept. 18, a video was posted to Instagram via @sandyhookpromise, displaying kids going back to school, along with chilling scenes of students using their supplies to help survive a shooting. The video was shared and spread widely, instantly catching the attention of thousands of people.

In the video, students are shown taking their belongings to protect themselves from any harm being done to them. One of the kids used her sock to help her classmate from bleeding out, which she described as “a real-life saver.” Another student even used his new skateboard to break the window in an attempt to escape. In the last part of the video, a little girl was revealed sitting in a bathroom stall saying that she finally got a new phone so she can contact her mom, and later the noise of nearby footsteps play implying that the shooter is in the background behind her.  

After this video was posted, many people, including celebrities, took action by not only sharing it across social media, but also speaking out about it. 

“That little actress at the end deserves an Oscar,” influencer Matthew Cooke said in a post on Instagram.

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were genuinely touched by this and many expressed how they felt towards it on social media as well.

“The Sandy Hook video caused me to feel sad and motivated me to feel that we have to do something now,” freshman Andrew Murray said. 

Another student even went out of her way to say that that the video made her feel devastated and upset.

“This video made me feel upset…. seeing kids fight to survive using their own school supplies is truly devastating,” freshman Grace Segall said.

A senior that attended Stoneman Douglas during the tragedy expressed that they related to the video because of the fear they experienced.

“Watching this video made me feel close to what the kids in the video went through, since I felt fearful and confused about what was going on…relating to something like this makes me feel upset, that a problem that has been going on for years has not yet been fixed. I only hope that in the future less schools will be affected by such tragedies,” senior Emily Cashion said.

The meaning of this video has raised awareness of gun control once again. The amount of people who have already spoken out and commented about the video have helped bring more attention towards this topic, changing the idea of an everyday high school experience.