Students and staff participate in Red Ribbon Week at MSD

Kelly Cooke, Writer

Sophomore Hayden Redshaw and junior Chloe Rogers holding their posters representing individuals who have been negatively affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12 through Friday, Nov. 15, the students and staff of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School participated in Red Ribbon Week to remind students to live a safe, healthy and drug-free life. 

The peer counseling students informed their peers about how dangerous drugs and alcohol really are. They created a “Chain of Life” by asking students to write their names on a red strip of paper to pledge not to drink and drive or get into a vehicle with anyone under the influence. They then connected all of these red strips to make chains and hung them throughout the cafeteria.

“I hope to encourage students to think about making wise decisions as it surrounds them with alcohol and drugs. The chain of life represents making a conscientious choice… to know the status of the driver before you get into the car with them and to not get behind the wheel while you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs. [The goal is] to plant seeds with stories about losing people to drunk driving accidents and to really spread awareness and help people make wiser choices when it comes to drugs or alcohol,” peer counseling teacher Laura Rountree said.

The peer counseling students each wore a sheet of paper including a photograph and description of a victim that has been negatively affected by an impaired driver. These students presented the tragic story of the victim they were assigned in each of their classes. The goal of this was to spread awareness of how realistic the risk of driving under the influence is and the tragedies it has caused in the past.

Each day during Red Ribbon Week the students and staff at MSD dressed up in specific attire. Tuesday, Nov. 12 was “Team Up Against Drugs Day”, in which students and staff at MSD wore their favorite team jersey or t-shirt.

“I wore my Douglas soccer shirt to represent the team that shows the most love to one another, it reminds me that living a safe and healthy life is very important,” junior Chloe Rogers said.

Wednesday, Nov. 13 was “Wear Red Day” in celebration of Red Ribbon Week. The color red was worn to represent the harm that drinking alcohol and doing drugs can cause and show that those wearing the color promise to abstain from these activities.

“I wore red because I know how many chaotic events drugs cause, I wanted to take part in an event that highlights how dangerous they can be,” freshmen Aileen Abella said.

Thursday, Nov. 14 was “Blackout Drugs Day” in which students and staff at MSD wore black clothing. 

“I decided to wear black today to represent not taking part in drugs and to make wise decisions.” sophomore Paris Nicolette said.

Friday, Nov. 15 was “Show your school spirit drug-free Day” in which students and staff at MSD dressed up in school colors.

“This week has encouraged me to make better choices on the people that I hang out with, the things I decide to do and who I get into the car with. It taught me that I have to live a healthier life and make better decisions.” junior Jordan Carey said. 

Red Ribbon Week highlights the importance of making safe and educated decisions. Many students became aware of how dangerous the abuse of alcohol and drugs can be because of this week.