MSD JV baseball season is on horizon


David Lerner and Braeden Kravitz

On Feb. 20, Marjory Stoneman Douglas JV boys Baseball team will have their season opener away from home against Westminster Christian School. The previous year was canceled due to COVID-19. Many protocols have been taken this year though, to ensure the safety of everyone playing and spectating. 

Florida, being a hotbed for COVID-19, this year’s baseball season has to have many precautions and protocols; one of them being masks.

“Protocol is mask, mask, mask. We have to wear our masks at all times because if one person gets COVID, both JV and Varsity get shut down and we can’t let that happen,” catcher and first baseman Ethan Askin said. 

On Monday, Feb. 1,  the team started practice in preparation for their season opener.  Coach Fitz-Gerald’s team has some bright spots coming out of the practices, outfielder Jackson Abrams, third baseman Devin Fitz-Gerald, catcher and third baseman Caden Freels, infielder Alex Lazar, outfielder Alex Rodriguez, pitcher and outfielder Jayden Dubanewicsz and third baseman and pitcher Rylen Lujo have looked good in the preseason practices.

 “For practices, we have worked on a lot of defense. We first stretch and throw, just a normal warm up. Then we go straight into defense for about an hour-hour and 15 minutes. Then we do some independent defense where we work on our position and get better at what we do. Then when we’re done, we hit for 45 minutes to an hour,” Askin said. 

This season’s schedule consists of 11 games, seven away games and four home games. Some key games come up against rivals JP Taravella and Coral Glades. Players on the team are optimistic and excited for the season to begin. 

“I’ve only just met these guys but they have talent and if we execute, we could do a lot of damage on the field,” Askin said. 

With the season starting Feb. 20, this year’s MSD JV baseball team looks to swing to more than the fences, maybe something beyond the baseball field.