Hurricane Matthew threatens MSD

Lauren Newman

Graphic courtesy of Miami Herald
Graphic courtesy of Miami Herald

With Hurricane Matthew approaching, Marjory Stoneman Douglas has begun to prepare for the storm.

Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit Florida and has been predicted to reach Parkland by Thu. Oct. 4. This dangerous storm already struck Haiti, taking many lives.

According to CNN, the category four hurricane dumped almost 40 inches of rain on the impoverished nation, and it is now heading toward Cuba. Haiti, which is still recovering from a devastating earthquake from six years ago, is expected to experience menacing flash floods and mudslides as a result of Matthew.

While the storm has negative implications on Haiti, its effects may extend to include the United States.Thus, in the United States, safety protocol has been employed to protect the southeast from the storm. State of emergencies have been in effect in Florida and the Carolinas to warn citizens of the forthcoming hurricane; many coastal residents are already preparing for evacuation.

As for MSD, the school board has decided to close the school on Thu. and Fri. Oct. 6-7 due to the inclement weather.

The school has taken precautions by unplugging electrical equipment in various locations of the school and covering computers with garbage bags to protect them from potential leaks.

“Based on what we know about the storm and its whereabouts, we do expect there to be some type of wind gust that could put us in danger,” Assistant Principal Winfred Porter said. “But we will plan accordingly to make sure that, whatever the outcome is, we will be adequately prepared.”

Principal Ty Thompson will be attending a meeting on Tues. Oct. 4 where the school will be expected to receive more updates.

According to Porter, if there is damage done to the school, the school board will have an insurance adjuster determine the damage and plan accordingly.

With Hurricane Matthew on its way students and faculty remain hopeful that the storm will pass and leave MSD unharmed.