“The Martian” Review

Gillian Marton

maxresdefaultA science fiction and fantasy based film, “The Martian” is directed by Ridley Scott and features actor Matt Damon as astronaut Mark Watney.

After being deployed into space by NASA, Watney and his crew experience an intense storm while studying Mars. As the crew attempts to make their way to safety, a flying object stabs Watney, causing him to lose consciousness. The crew comes to the inaccurate conclusion that Watney is dead, and have no choice but to leave his body on Mars.

However, he eventually wakes up to find himself stranded on a desolate planet with a rod of metal piercing through his body. The astronaut, who is also a botanist, is forced to figure out how to contact NASA and grow food on a planet where nothing survives. The movie follows Watney’s attempts, failures, and suspenseful moments throughout his time on Mars.

The film, which is based on the novel “The Martian”, is not only thrilling, but also hilarious. Watney’s humor throughout a series of stressful events makes light of a serious plot, which brings laughter to the entire audience.

The movie not only focuses on Watney’s efforts to survive, but also NASA’s efforts to contact him. Throughout the film, scenes constantly transition from Mars to the NASA headquarters.

The three-dimensional movie is not a first for director Ridley Scott. Scott has also produced “Alien” in 1979 and “Prometheus” in 2012- both taking place in space.

Scott’s film making abilities add an enticing component to the film.The impressive aerial shots of the planet and its landscape gives the audience a realistic expectation of what Mars’s surface is like.

“I was definitely impressed with how flawlessly the plot was developed” junior Abby Brafman said. “ I never lost interest and I was happy with the ending”.

Concluding with a successful ending for all parties involved, the two hour and twenty-two minute movie is packed with suspenseful and comical moments which hold the audience’s attention throughout the entire film.