MSD’s Politics Club hosts first Politalk event

Jenna Harris

Various speakers gave presentations at Politics Club’s Ted Talk inspired event, Politalk. Photo by Jenna Harris

On Tuesday, March 12 at 5:30 pm, MSD’s Politics Club sponsored an event in the auditorium titled PoliTalk. This event gave the opportunity for students and faculty to volunteer and present a topic that they feel passionate about, resembling the famous Ted Talk segments.

The PoliTalk event was also the Politics Club’s service project, where those in attendance wrote letters to soldiers to support those who selflessly defend our country.

The night began with a brief introduction on what PoliTalk is about as well as the service project. Speeches on an array of topics ranging anywhere from politics, lifestyle, and social aspects of life followed. Naomi Rozenburg, who is the Vice President of Politics Club, spoke about how keeping a positive mindset is the most radical thing a person can be. Parts of her presentation shed light on how being positive can not only brighten your day but also help others around you.

Einav Cohen, the current President of Politics Club, created a presentation on her Israeli background and the constant anti-semitism that the Jewish culture still faces today. She continued her speech with a call for uniting together and creating a peaceful environment through the smallest, but most impactful actions.

“Going in, I wasn’t really expecting much from the PoliTalk, but after listening to the presentations given by my fellow peers I was inspired by the knowledge they had to pass on to those listening,” sophomore Jordan Khayyami said.

Other presentations included junior Sadman S. Baig, who touched on archetypes regarding the individual self, and senior Drew Wager who passionately spoke about why America still holds true to being the best country in the world. Debate teacher, Dr. Jacob Abraham also gave a speech about comparative success, and how he was finally able to teach the topic to students.

“We hope that people were inspired enough to find the courage and share something that they are passionate about,” Cohen said.

Overall, PoliTalk had over 40 people in attendance, including parents, students and faculty. Politics Club hopes to make PoliTalk an annual event and grow it even larger for years to come.