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Crayola presents their new project: Crayola Color Cycle.

Caryola’s new project, Color Cycle, starts with a box of normal markers.

Dried markers are left untouched for years to pollute the environment. However, with the new Crayola program, ColorCycle, markers are now able to be recycled in the hopes of creating a cleaner Earth.

Crayola recently announced their new program, ColorCycle. This new program is targeted towards schools and specific districts in hopes of being able to work hand and hand in order to dispose of markers in the proper fashion. Through this organization, Crayola works with schools in the US and parts of Canada to remove clutter that can pollute the environment and to convert seemingly useless cases of plastic into fuel.

The ColorCycle program is far from limited in the markers it can convert. Although the program was started by Crayola, they have the ability to transform any markers into a useable energy source. The process consists of melting and compressing the plastic cases into clean fuel such as diesel and light naphtha that can then be used for vehicles.

However, to Crayola, the teaching experience is the main goal of the project. They hope to educate children across the US to recycle and how to take care of the environment. The ColorCycle program is only one part of a greater  picture.

Crayola has a 30,000 paneled solar farms that provides the clean energy that Crayola uses to create its products. The company also provides charts that track the amount of pollution that they and their products produce.They use this information to try and make more environmentally friendly programs and methods of product production.

Crayola’s ColorCycle is a step in a direction towards a better, more environmentally friendly world. Hopefully, Crayola’s work will help lead other companies and everyday people towards finding better, more eco-friendly methods of production and recycling.

Yuval Alter

Yuval Alter is a Senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. She is a first year newspaper student and is a part of Book Club, NAHS, and SNHS.

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