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MSD art teacher Randee Lombard introduces art classes for teachers

French teacher Geemps St. Julien and ESE Specialist Joanne Wallace participate in the first teacher art class hosted by Randee Lombard. Photo by Avery Stout

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, art teacher Randee Lombard began her series of art classes for teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In her time after school, Lombard frequently sketches and paints in her classroom. One day, she decided to share and teach her passion for art to other teachers at MSD.

“I am hoping that the teachers are able to have an art experience in a nice relaxing environment while learning techniques,” Lombard said. 

Every three weeks, Lombard will teach a 45-minute art session for teachers that wish to come and learn. The dates will vary from session to session.

Lombard’s first class focused on sketchbook art, which covers collaging and using words within art. Each participating teacher in the class was given a sketchbook donated by Lombard to keep. All of the educators had access to magazines, scissors, glue, colored pencils and crayons to use for drawing in their personal sketchbooks. The staff were welcome to create whatever they wanted inside of their book.

For the next classes to come, Lombard plans to teach faculty how to use watercolor, paint and collages. The art and technique of drawing for each art form will be explained and taught as well.

Lombard has also gotten snacks, such as cookies and bottles of water, for the staff to enjoy. Music is played additionally while participants work on their individual pieces of art, whether in the sketchbooks they received or other supplies. The art classroom is known as a private and relaxing place where each of the teachers can enjoy and learn about art.

Every teacher has had their own reason for coming to Lombard’s art classes.

“I wanted to get into a relaxed state of mind where I could express myself freely in an unpressured environment,” English teacher Madlyn Wank said.

A few have mentioned they come to the sessions because they think of the class as a fun way to learn and pass time. Yet, others have had more personal reasons for coming to the short class. Some  teachers talked about Lombard’s art acting as a therapy treatment for themselves to relax and find peace. 

The sessions of art have taught her fellow teacher companions on art as a way to find something beautiful to share with friends and family.

The next session of Lombard’s faculty art classes will be in early April, the exact dates have yet to be decided.

Avery Stoudt Is a Senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In his free time he likes to play video games. For college he would like to go to Keiser University.

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