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Review: The Space Between Us


The new sci-fi romance film “The Space Between Us” was released on Feb. 3 with $3.9 million in the box office. Directed Peter Chelsom, It has a rating of 6.2/10 on IMDb and a 17 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “The Space Between Us” is about a boy named Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) and his adventure with a girl named Tulsa (Britt Robertson) to find out where he belongs in the universe.

A team of astronauts were sent on the first mission to colonize Mars. Sarah Elliot (Janet Montgomery) dies after giving birth to the first boy raised on Mars, Gardner. He grows up on Mars, and has only seen and learned about Earth through a computer screen. His only friend on Earth is foster teenager, Tulsa. Kendra (Carla Gugino) an astronaut on Mars and friend of Gardner convinces Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman), the man who was in charge of the first expedition, to allow Gardner to come to Earth. He agrees and once he gets to Earth, he meets up with Tulsa, who takes him on an adventure to find his father. Their friendship turns into a romance, but their time together was running out. It turns out Gardner’s organs cannot withstand the Earth’s atmosphere. Will he find out about his past in time, or will it be to late?

The films story line is unique compared to any other teen romance. However, it lacks the emotion that comes with a teen romance film. Gardner and Tulsa have been communicating for a while, but when they met in person, their feelings towards each other felt forced. What they said to each other sounded meaningful, but it didn’t fit with their attitudes towards each other in the beginning. They seemed like they would be better as friends, because there was nothing romantic between them in the first place, even when they met on earth.

Despite the romance, the film had an interesting plot and great actors. They created a world full of interesting scientific concepts, and encourages imagination. It’s cool to imagine that humans are capable of living on a different planet. Also, Asa Butterfield did especially well playing the kind and curious Gardner. Overall, it is not the most romantic story, but it would interest viewers that could use their imagination during this film.

Anna Dittman

Anna Dittman is a senior Editor and writer for the Douglas newspaper. In the future she would like to study in a field where she can be creative, hands on, and work with others. She is considering colleges such as FSU and Flagler College after she graduates. In her free time she enjoys exploring new places, drawing and reading.

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