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[Review] ‘Wild Bird’ by Wendelin Van Draanen profoundly explores a problematic teenager’s improvement

[Review] ‘Wild Bird’ by Wendelin Van Draanen profoundly explores a problematic teenager’s improvement

In her novel, “Wild Bird”, Wendelin Van Draanen weaves a story about how the protagonist Wren, a model problematic student, confronts her past failures to forge a new, self-realized identity. The book strikes a chord with teenagers facing difficulties such as substance abuse, youth crime, […]

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Set the table. Surrounded by readily available tools and ingredients, eggs mingle with oil, cooking on the pan. Imperative to any food preparation is the setup of ingredients and equipment prior to cooking, otherwise known as mise en place. Photo by Dana Masri.

[Multimedia] Cooking serves as a beneficial hobby anyone can learn

Cooking is a rewarding skill that teaches people practical skills, such as artistic creativity, hand-eye coordination, organization, time management and problem-solving. While to some people the idea of cooking can seem intimidating, one can learn to cook with precision and ease. This can be done by […]

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Devil may care. Fluidly swinging her sword, the protagonist Gideon Nav steps resolutely forward while bone and skeleton crumble asunder. In Tamsyn Muir's book Gideon the Ninth, she and her partner-slash-mortal enemy Harrowhark Nonagesimus brave gruesome trials and tribulations. Photo by Sophie Goodman.

Gideon the Ninth gloriously introduces necromancy in the stars

Similar to the clear-cut trail of a rocketship hurtling through space, Tamsyn Muir’s book, “Gideon the Ninth,” cleaves a shadow stretching across several planets. This eye-catching world of dystopian nightmare and fantasy is monstrous for its harsh injustice, yet beautiful for its intricacy and genuine […]

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Campaign crossover. Cheerfully posing in the popular game "Animal Crossing", president-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris promote their candidacy in the 2020 presidential election. Biden's marketing campaign utilized strategies such as interaction with the popular culture of younger voters and the online medium in order to adapt to the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic and changing social trends. Photo by Biden Campaign/Nintendo.

[Editorial] Political cultures built on superficial values mislead voters

“Other politicians are untrustworthy. Other politicians are devious. Other politicians manipulate. But I am responsible. I am virtuous. I seek the greater good.” These are the claims that drive political culture, wherein a political influencer seeks to convince their audience to support them, as opposed […]

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What's up. Stacks of money sit behind an upwards slanting arrow, but what is increasing? Although support for the Raise the Wage Act led to its approval in the House of Representatives, uncertainty lies in whether it reliably results in financial growth or financial instability. Graphic by Melodie Vo.

[Opinion] Increasing the minimum wage is part of the solution to reducing poverty

For families of higher incomes, it can be hard to imagine life in poverty. With the COVID-19 pandemic remaining as a hazard to people’s economic status and physical health, understanding how poverty occurs and how to mitigate it becomes all the more pressing.  One of […]

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Digital unrest. Warmly lit, a laptop shows a civil worker boarding up building walls. Due to reports of political uncertainty, citizens and workers are driven to prepare for potential violence breaking out after the presidential election. Photo taken by Nya Owusu-Afriyie.

[Opinion] Alarmism in the media is harmful to understanding issues

When life around the neighborhood is pleasantly serene, the image of society captured on a phone and computer seems all the more removed from reality. Alarmism, or the excessive exaggeration of an issue’s importance, intensifies this feeling of surreal horror and confusion, as reports of […]

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Sparsely populated, the Pine Trails Park playground is open to those who follow the park's COVID-19 precautionary guidelines.

Students’ favorite local places change during the COVID-19 pandemic

The breeze refreshes your sun-kissed, warm face. Earbuds bursting with music hang on your ears, curled around a face mask. Your legs pump your bicycle energetically to propel yourself into the cool scenery of grass and trees intermingling after a fresh rain. For many students, […]

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Attentively watching the boy, the two sitting dogs heed the next direction in their training.

Fostering, animal rescues and shelters are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

Across the nation, citizens have sought comfort by spending time with their beloved pets. For those in search of similar support, fulfillment and connection, foster care is an available opportunity that provides this while allowing people to support an animal’s well-being. Due to being constricted […]

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Metaphorical figure questions mental health and stability of circumstances

The stressors of COVID-19 and online learning actively affect the mental state of students and teachers

Are you okay? Take a moment to think: have you been okay? Ever since the hurricane of 2020 hit the nation, it has become harder and harder to answer “yes” amidst the wind and rain. As society and school as we know it transitions into […]

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