Brianna Fisher

MSD Student Government Association has created a bingo card for their students to complete. Photo curtesy of MSD SGA

MSD organizations create social media bingo cards to keep student body entertained during quarantine

As students have continued to feel the boredom that quarantine entails, clubs have gotten creative in generating ways to entertain the rest of the student body. One way that students have passed the time is by creating and filling out bingo squares that pertain to […]

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Taking on Tallahassee: Teachers rally in state capitol to demand funding for public education

Taking on Tallahassee: Teachers rally in state capitol to demand funding for public education

Reporting by Leni Steinhardt, Dara Rosen, Brianna Fisher, Ava Steil, Zoe Gordon, Fallon Trachtman, Darian Williams, Brianna Jesionowski, Kacie Shatzkamer, Ashley Ferrer, Nadia Murillo, Anisah Steele, Ivy Lam, Lily Singer, Bryan Ngyuen, Matthew Rosenthal and Fenthon Aristhomene.

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MSD’s growing carbon footprint has changed how the school consumes energy

With the total number of greenhouse gases emitted from the Earth on the rise, scientists are looking at the amount of energy and resources people use within their everyday lives. One way that scientists measure total energy consumption is with the creation of a carbon […]

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Second Job Sensation. Fireworks explode in a display set up by the pyrotechnical company that English teacher Aaron Avis works for. Photo courtesy of  Aaron Avis

MSD teachers work second jobs to meet their financial needs

Camp counselor, financial advisor, tour guide—these are just some of the extra jobs that teachers have picked up, in order to support themselves and their families. Ranging from finance to baking, teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have combined their interests and talents to […]

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Photo by Einav Cohen

Students opt to graduate early after changes at MSD

With the distribution of course cards and meetings about class selections, some rising seniors are rethinking their graduation plans. While most students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School choose to “walk across the stage in June,” some have diverged from the norm, deciding instead to […]

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Photo courtesy of Abbey Clements

Sandy Hook Elementary and Columbine High School survivors share advice on healing

Abbey Clements Former Sandy Hook Elementary teacher Abbey Clements did not recognize herself or her feelings after the shooting at her school occurred. Instead, she felt numb and did not know what to do with herself. “I couldn’t eat for days and felt like I […]

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Photo by Nyan Clarke

Seeing memorial posts on social media is triggering

I used to scroll through Instagram to look at the static pictures of my friends out to dinner or at the beach. My mind was embodied with this thought that my life revolved around social media, and that I needed to be on it to […]

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Actress Alyssa Milano speaks about the importance of voting at the Actions for Change event in Parkland, Florida on Sept. 30. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Celebrities use platforms to become social and political activists

The idea of political activism has become increasingly prevalent in today’s society. With the increase of social media, many people have shared their political views, as well as endorsed particular candidates while making their opinions known. One particular group of people have been using their […]

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Freshmen Kelly Cooke, Carli Komroff, Alex Heller and Sofia Cardona walk out of school on Tuesday, Nov. 27 to protest the recent administrative changes. Photo by Dara Rosen

MSD students organize a walkout and sit-in to protest administration reassignments

In response to the reassignment of Assistant Principal Winfred Porter, Assistant Principal Denise Reed, Assistant Principal Jeff Morford and Security Specialist Kelvin Greenleaf, many students took to social media to plan various activities throughout the day of Tuesday, Nov. 27. The first event was a […]

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Captivating Change. The memorial bench, one of the new additions to the school campus, is displayed in the courtyard. Photo by Nyan Clarke

MSD gets a makeover for the start of the new year

To start off a new school year with a new attitude, many organizations and businesses cleaned and beautified Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s campus. The work included new paint on the outside walls, landscaping and rocks. “I think it is important, especially with the new […]

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