Author: emily kolber

[Brief] JV Football team plays against Plantation High School

On Sept. 12, the men’s JV football team played Plantation High School with a final score of 6-22. Douglas leading the first quarter with a touchdown ran by quarterback Jaydin Fernandez (2). As the game went on, Plantation had an effective run game, giving them an early lead and eventually a victory. With the game already looking down, running back […]

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[Brief] JV Football Team defeats Coconut Creek High School in opening game

On Sept. 6 the men’s JV football team crushed Coconut Creek High School in their first football game with a score of 13 to 0. Running back Nick Dicaprio (24) scored the first touchdown, leading the team 7-0 for the first quarter. Head coach George LePorte built out a game plan for the offense to take every opportunity to run […]

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