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[Brief] Varsity softball team beats J. P. Taravella High School

On Feb. 20, the varsity softball team beat J. P. Taravella High School 18-0 at their second away game of the season.. “Everybody was consistently hitting, and if we stay like that for the rest of the year we’re gonna have a good season,” shortstop Jordan Ratner (52) said. Third-baseman Abby Dowd (3) hit two doubles, outfielder Monique Poitevin (26) […]

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[Brief] Men’s varsity soccer team defeats Wellington High School

On Tuesday, Dec. 11 at  7 p.m., the men’s varsity soccer team won against Wellington High School in a home game ending with a score of 4-0. Midfielders Mason Hall (2), along with Gabriel Gersberg (22), Cole Irimi (9) and Justin Brod (7) all scored. “The Wellington game went very well. We started off strong and finished our chances early […]

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Parking Predicament. Students personalize thier parking spaces in the senior lot. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Juniors should not be allowed to park in the senior lot

The senior lot has always been a defining characteristic of the senior experience. Students who have dedicated years of their life to MSD are finally rewarded in their last year by being able to customize a personal parking spot and making it their own. It is thought of by many as a right of passage, and is highly anticipated by […]

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