Author: Sam Grizelj

Cover for Moonrise

Sarah Crossan’s “Moonrise” is beautifully tragic

The idea of losing someone we love is impossible to fathom. When someone we deeply cherish leaves the earth, people become desperate and attempt anything to save them from the hands of the reaper himself. That’s exactly how Joe Moon reacts when he hears his […]

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Album cover of ~how i'm feeling~

[Review] ~ how i’m feeling ~ by LAUV experiments with emotions and colors

Well known pop artist, Ari Leff, a.k.a LAUV finally returns after releasing his number one hit – peaking number two on the billboard – “I Like Me Better” – a song that paints the picture of the simplicity of love through LAUV and his girlfriend. […]

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Cover of Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman

“Dry” the eye opening novel of reality

Where water runs dry and the true nature of neighbors come to life, only one question remains: how does one survive a waterless apocalyptic society without dying? In “Dry” by Neal Shusterman, join the main protagonists -Alyssa, Garrett and Kelton – as they attempt to […]

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Cover for Preston Norton's novel, "Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe"

[Review]: “Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe” is not as powerful as it seems

Imagine this: the most popular person in school comes back from the hospital and claims that God told them that they need to work with the high school loser in order to make their high school suck less than it already does. Are they willing […]

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Editorial Cartoon by Leah Ronkin

Gender-neutral bathrooms provide a safe space for those who do not identify as cisgender

Whether you are male or female, using a public restroom may appear to be a simple task. However, for those who identify as transgender or gender-nonconforming, deciding whether to use the male or female restroom is a living nightmare, proving to be not only stress-inducing, […]

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