Culinary arts teacher Ashley Kurth was awarded the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Pineapple Hospitality of Excellence Award. Photo by Nicole Suarez

Culinary teacher Ashley Kurth receives the Florida Pineapple Hospitality of Excellence Award

On Monday, Feb. 11, 2019, culinary teacher Ashley Kurth was awarded the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association Pineapple Hospitality of Excellence Award. Overall, this award signifies Chef Kurth as the Culinary Teacher of the Year for the state of Florida. Those who nominated Chef Kurth to win this award were former and current students, faculty members and people of the […]

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Newspaper adviser Melissa Falkowski accepts her Teacher of the Year Award at CSPA at an advisers luncheon on Photo courtesy of Mark Murray

Melissa Falkowski wins National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year award

On Thursday, March 21 Melissa Falkowski, adviser of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s newsmagazine, The Eagle Eye, received the National High School Journalism Teacher of the Year award at the Colombia School Press Association spring convention. Falkowski was picked for this esteemed award out of fifteen other teachers throughout the country. “I think it’s really nice to be recognized for […]

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Mr. Schaller has a piano in his classroom to link his love of music with his passion for teaching. Photo by Darian Williams

History teacher Devin Schaller rocks out in his band, “Tame the Lyons”

*This story was co-written by Samantha Goldblum and Jason Leavy. US History and AP Human Geography teacher Devin Schaller is a passionate teacher by day and a gifted band member by night. He rocks out to his jams for fun, but he is also an up-and-coming musician. As a freshman at Florida Atlantic University, Schaller had never played an instrument […]

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Much like other students at MSD, senior Emily Kolber shows off her new Airpods. Photo by Darian Williams

Airpods surge in popularity at MSD

Throughout the halls of Marjory Stoneman Douglas, one can see many students wearing strange, small white devices in their ears: Apple Airpods.  In 2001, Apple released their iPod and, with it, their own take on earbuds. Fifteen years later, in December 2016, the new and improved wireless Airpods were released to the public for their enjoyment. “My earbuds used to […]

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Graphic by Nyan Clarke

Students debate whether the school system restricts or encourages development of creativity

The imagination of a child knows no bounds. Whether it includes carelessly finger painting a canvas with a rainbow of colors, building a Lego tower so tall and believing it is a skyscraper, or playing on a swing set and feeling only a short distance away from the sun and moon, the creative times of childhood gradually fade by the […]

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Junior Hannah Levine switches to online school in pursuit of figure skating

Junior Hannah Levine switches to online school in pursuit of figure skating

Days of gliding on the ice, turning and jumping, help her to forget every worry in her life. For junior and ice skater Hannah Levine, the ice is her best friend, helping to comfort her and give her the unique experiences of feeling free and unstoppable. “When I was little, I would go to the public skating sessions with my […]

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Photo illustration by Nyan Clarke

MSD students in the LGBTQ+ community must cope with judgement when expressing themselves

“Straight people have never been negatively affected because they’re straight. They don’t get weird glances when holding hands; they aren’t afraid to be seen and they aren’t treated differently. We are, we do. That’s our reality. People will judge us because of who we love, and who we are, even in this school.” Marjory Stoneman Douglas student *Jane has been […]

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Senior Mei-Ling Ho-Shing moves to the beat during the Jamaican performance at the Dec. 11 multicultural show. Photo by Nyan Clarke

MSD students express their cultures through dance

*This story was co-written by Einav Cohen and Thais Guerra In the sea of students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it can often be difficult to stand out. Each and every student comes from a unique identity to be cultivated. In an effort to not only showcase those identities, but also reconnect with their heritage, many students participate in […]

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Photo by Nyan Clarke, graphics by Darian Williams

2018 marks monumental strides and conflict over the prominence of sexual violence in the U.S.

An age-old power struggle, a form of oppression that transcends every race and class, a timeless form of terrorism. There are infinitely many ways to describe sexual violence, as it haunts men and women from every generation and culture. From Hollywood to Washington, D.C., to college campuses and our own backyards, society is quick to taboo the idea of sexual […]

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Senior Julie Piedra demonstrates her artistic skills by applying junior Nicole Wolfe’s makeup. Piedra found her passion as a makeup artist in the seventh grade. Portrait by Nyan Clarke

Senior Julie Piedra uses makeup as an outlet for creativity

After years of painting, senior Julie Piedra found her passion as a seventh grader, using her blending brushes and eyeshadow palettes to decorate a new kind of canvas: her face. Once she began displaying her talents, Piedra would receive compliments and suggestions encircling her newfound gift. Encouraged by the constant praise, Piedra started doing makeup for friends and peers, who […]

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