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The Alchemist Review



Just recently seeming to have taken Instagram and alternative social media sites by storm, The Alchemist, a one-of-a-kind coffee shop which arrived in late 2012, is undoubtedly at the top of every South Florida coffee shop fanatic’s to-do-list.

Though tucked away in the somewhat-neglected area of Eucalyptus Gardens in Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale and complete with challenging parking, The Alchemist’s unique ambience is undeniable- it boasts a dog-friendly garden equipped with oversized umbrellas and picnic tables beside a koi pond, a large chalkboard menu, “science laboratory” coffee tubes and heating glass flasks, as well as the shop’s notorious zodiac mural. The Alchemist is an eco-friendly and affordable place for a quick brunch.

The cafe’s casual environment and unique ambiance has attracted customers searching for an aesthetically pleasing lunch spot. Their beverages are special for their exclusive blend with several ingredients such as coconut oil, ghee, and frozen coffee cubes. The coffee is a popular order for its natural blend as it is roasted, brewed, siphoned and served iced or hot.

The menu includes a variety of open-faced sandwiches served on ciabatta bread, also known as slicers, such as BBQ, turkey and swiss, chicken salad, avocado, caprese, smoked salmon, almond and honey and more. Slicers are served on a wooden platter and contain one slice of bread with multiple toppings. The slicers are small but very filling with their rich seasonings and flavor. They also serve an array of salads, breakfast croissants and muffins, health bars, “kefir,” and even homemade dog treats.

Open from 7 am to 6 pm during the week and 8 am to 6 pm on the weekend, those who live in South Florida but feel hesitant about making the trip would be doing themselves a great disservice.  


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