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Instagram account @msdseniors2020 provides a platform for seniors to showcase their future plans

@msdsenior2020 is an Instagram account dedicated to featuring the class of 2020's plans for the future.
@msdsenior2020 is an Instagram account dedicated to featuring the class of 2020’s plans for the future. Photo by Leni Steinhardt

Social media is a popular way to interact with others. At this time, many seniors are getting ready to go off to college and some are feeling nervous to go somewhere new with mostly strangers.

Three Marjory Stoneman Douglas seniors, who wish to remain anonymous until after graduation, have made an Instagram account to feature what plans the students of the class of 2020 have in store for after they graduate. 

This account, called @msdseniors2020, started when one of the creators of the account saw a similar profile made for another high school. As soon as the account was created, the account owners followed as many current seniors at MSD as they could and directly messaged the accounts to ask if they would like to be featured.

“We created the account so that people at MSD could see who else will be attending the same universities as them so they won’t feel as alone and because it can be interesting to see what other people in their grade are doing after high school,”  senior Jane* said.

Each senior profile includes a name, future plans, such as military or college, and an intended major. The profile also includes the symbol or mascot of the school or military base that seniors plan to attend or go into.

“Being featured on the account made me feel like a celebrity. I was surprised to see where some people are going to school and even reached out to someone going to my school,” senior Allie Lazar said.

Senior Madison Sheib shares her plans of attending the University of Central Florida to get a degree in marketing with the @msdseniors2020 Instagram followers. Image by Leni Steinhardt

The three seniors who created this page use a website called Canva to create each post so that they all line up on the page and are formatted the same way.

People are able to comment below the posts to encourage their friends in whatever future plans they have chosen. As of April 15, 55 current seniors have chosen to be featured on the page. 

“It felt nice to be featured and was really cool to see where everyone is going and what they want to major in. I felt proud of my accomplishments of getting into my school and was proud to show it off,” senior Alan Debs said.

If you or a senior you know would like to be featured, all you have to do is direct message @msdseniors2020 on Instagram with a picture of yourself, your future plans and your intended major.

*Names indicated have been changed to preserve the student’s privacy.

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