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Save What’s Left ready to recycle


Stoneman Douglas’ Save What’s Left club is prepared to help out our school with recycling and environmental projects. This year, the club wishes to receive more recognition and be more active with their incoming members. They are electing new officers to be on the staff, and are planning to incorporate new and old activities into their club routine.

Co-Presidents Dyane Oliva and Ryan Flemming, both seniors, first joined the club during their freshman year. In the beginning, they thought it was fun, but there wasn’t a wide variety of activities that they could participate in. This encouraged them to run for officer positions.

“I wanted to include more activities in this club since it was just recycling week after week,” Oliva said. “We needed to spice it up a little bit more. This year, we’re doing fun crafts and DIY’s like seed bombs.”

The club has also started some upcoming projects. They made a banner for the homecoming parade to help gain more recognition. In daily meetings they go out and recycle around campus for service hours every week. They also do beach cleanups, and even plan on starting a butterfly garden soon.

“I really like the beach clean ups,” Oliva said. “It’s a way to help the environment outside of the school, and you get to hang out with friends while doing it.”

This year, the Co-Presidents expect that the new staff work on their attendance and participate in more activities. Social media is also a new factor in the club; they want to use it as a way to spread the word about meetings and upcoming projects.

“The number one goal is for every classroom to get a recycling bin,” Flemming said. “Other than that, I hope that everyone can have fun, and that the club gets more recognition. I hope people realize that recycling is not a chore, and that it’s fun.”

Shawna Wecht, Freshman teacher for regular and gifted English, is the current sponsor for Save What’s left. It’s her second year as a sponsor and she encourages students to join to help out the club so they can accomplish their goals.

 “Besides the recycling, we want to make students aware of the environmental impact of recycling and not recycling, and other projects they could be involved in,” Wecht said. 

Her favorite part about the club is seeing the students’ involvement on campus. She sees how passionate they are about their beliefs on saving the environment.

“The students work hard with what they have to work with,” said Wecht. “We hope that this year will be more successful than last year.”

Sophomore Lexi Smith is joining the club again this year because of her love for the environment. She believes that this year will be more organized and have more things planned to help out than last year.

“People should come and join this year!” Smith said “It’s exciting to know that you’re making a difference, and it’s also a fun and easy way to get service hours.”

Save What’s left is also an important part of our school as it is responsible for all recycling on campus from the classrooms to offices.

“We definitely need to raise awareness while we’re young, because the society we were raised in doesn’t seem to care,” Flemming said. “It’s important to have something that tells you about the environment.”

Save What’s Left is working hard to make it the best year possible for members, and encourages everyone to join. You can save your environment in a fun and easy way, while benefitting from it as well.


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Caption for photo

(From left to right) Ryan Flemming (12), Casey Chin (11), Lexi Smith (10)

Lexi Smith is giving her speech for Save What’s Left officer elections. The club’s third meeting was dedicated to members who wanted to run for different officer positions and the rest could vote. “I’m running for Vice President for Save What’s Left, because I feel like I would be a good leader, and bring out my passion for the environment,” says Smith.

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