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Coral Springs issues order for residents to start using face masks in public

More people will begin wearing masks when going out due to this newly issued order. Some people have chosen to create their own masks out of fabric around the house or buy masks from online Photo taken by Brianna Fisher.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, regulations and procedures are constantly changing.  As more tests come in positive, more changes have been made by the authorities. 

The City of Coral Springs is under a “Safer at Home” order, which “requires residents to shelter in place and restricts the use of public rights-of-way effective immediately.” 

On April 8, the city of Coral Springs issued an order requiring everyone to wear a face mask when leaving their house. This was issued in an attempt to stop the spread of the pandemic. 

“I don’t like wearing the masks but I know it’s the right and safer thing to do and that’s what is actually important,” Paris Kardos said. 

Although there are many types of face masks, the most effective one to prevent COVID-19 is the N95 Respirators, which nurses and people in the medical field use. The N95 respirators offer the best filtration of 95% of particles, which is the reason for the name N95.

Fabric masks, which are now recommended for general use by the CDC, let air in around the sides, but unlike the N95 Respirators, don’t have non-woven, moisture-repelling layers. They prevent about 2% of airflow in.

“Any time I go to a local store I see people wearing masks and it’s kinda scary, I hope all this is over soon so things can go back to normal,” sophomore Carli Komroff said. 

Some people don’t consider face masks useful, as particles can still be inhaled. However, when using the masks properly, those airborne particles have no way of getting in through the mouth or the nose.

The City of Coral Springs also recommends everyone to wash their hands multiple times a day for 20 seconds, as well as to stay home and practice social distancing.  

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