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Eagles’ Haven gifts teachers welcome back plants

Student holds plants given to MSD faculty to welcome them back for the school year.
Photo by Samantha Goldblum

On Aug. 21, each teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School received a special delivery bag containing a sansevieria plant, a personalized note of support and a heart-shaped stress ball courtesy of Eagles’ Haven and David Katz, owner of Nature’s Plants. 

Katz and his family were suffering from allergies and his mother in law happened to bring one to his home as a gift. Within a short time, the family was breathing easier and symptoms were subsiding. Katz realized the healing properties could help others and Nature’s Plants was formed. Katz grew up in Coral Springs and attended J.P. Taravella High School and has strong ties to the MSD community. Katz contacted Eagles’ Haven and together they organized the distribution of the plants in an effort to show love to the MSD community. 

Nature’s Plants is a company that sells plants that purify the air by letting out oxygen.

In the accompanying note, it is explained that the special plant “will breathe life into your classroom as it purifies the air that you and your students will breathe allowing you to have a wonderful school year.”  

Sansevieria plants, also known as the “snake plant” (because of their pointy snake-like leaves) is native to Africa, Madagascar and Southern Asia.  These plants are known to absorb carbon dioxide during the nighttime and release oxygen during the daytime, thus making it one of nature’s filter systems.  

“Nature’s Plants is passionate about giving others the gift of purified air,” Katz said. 

To keep the plants alive and purifying the air, teachers will have to ensure that half the root of the plant is submerged in water. After five minutes, excess water not absorbed should be discarded. 

“The plant brightens up my room and makes me feel good to have something so pretty on my desk,” math teacher Nancy Lazar said. 

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