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MSD class of 2019 has emblem painted in the courtyard as their gift to the school per MSD tradition

Saying Goodbye. The class of 2019 had an emblem of the eagle logo that reads “Be Positive, Be Passionate, Be Proud to be an Eagle” painted in the courtyard as their gift to the school. It is an MSD tradition for the graduating class to donate a personalized gift to beautify the campus. Photo courtesy of Dawson Corea

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s class of 2019 has been raising money for a parting gift to the school since their freshman year. As per tradition, the senior class donated a gift to help beautify the school.

Previous classes have donated benches and picnic tables around the school, as well as mosaics in the senior courtyard.The senior class decided the best option for their gift was an emblem painted in the center of the courtyard. 

As of the end of last year, the current senior class board was planning on placing new bricks in the courtyard as a part of their donation. 

After further brainstorming and considerations, the board decided after winter break to paint an emblem instead.

Senior Ma’ayan Mizrahi, vice president of the senior class board, was the student leader in planning and executing the gift.

“In years prior, other classes wanted to have an emblem like this with brick, but it was too hard. This year, we decided to go for it with paint because we thought it could unify the courtyard and unify the school,” Mizrahi said. 

Senior Class Adviser Danielle Driscoll says the senior class knew they wanted to spread spirit and strength with this emblem. 

“This gift resembles to be positive, passionate and proud to be an eagle. It’s important that students are passionate about their school, and it incorporates a positive message,” Driscoll said. 

Although the seniors knew they wanted to add MSD’s logo in the center of the courtyard, there were several options for the writing that would accompany it. After many discussions, it was official that an eagle with the school’s motto, be positive, passionate and proud to be an eagle, would be printed on the emblem.

Driscoll hired an artist named Angel Mir, from Gainesville, Florida, to work on the painting. 

“We decided to hire them since they are responsible for painting at Flanagan High School, which has a similar blueprint to our school. This made it easier to rely on their responsibility,” Driscoll said.

Mir donated materials and his time to complete the emblem, which helped the senior class stay within their $2,000 budget.

The emblem was sealed to preserve the painting underneath. 

The project initially started over spring break, but due to weather issues, the painting was completed two weeks after the break.

Although this project was a long and difficult process, the senior class is proud to show their spirit and strength through the new addition to the courtyard. 

“I think it turned out amazing,” Mizrahi said. “Kids now meet up ‘on the eagle’ because it’s a good central location. It’s something pretty to look at and smile at.” 

This story was originally published in the April 2019 Eagle Eye print edition.

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