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Student Government Hosts Spirited “Game Night”

Seniors Casey Conn and Cami Katz enjoying SGA's Game Night (Photo courtesy of Makayla Manning)
Seniors Casey Conn and Cami Katz enjoying SGA’s Game Night (Photo courtesy of Makayla Manning)

Setting up a poker table, roulette, three blackjack tables, loud music and concessions, Douglas’s student government succeeded in bringing a cafeteria filled fellow students together in celebration of school spirit this past Thursday night.

“Our Game Night event is meant mainly to get our students as school-spirited as possible,” Event Committee Chair Lexi Angel said. “WIth the game and dance this weekend, we wanted something to match the theme – something enjoyable.”

Filling the seats to practice their school spirit by way of pretend-gambling, Eagles of questionable gambling age streamed into the event at 5:30 p.m. sharp after paying the $5 admission – upon which they recieved “$200” in “casino chips” to use at any of the games provided. These games became intense quickly, with several players making big gains – and losses only minutes later – at each table.

“I’m glad to see so many kids coming to something we worked so hard on and gladly show their school spirit,” SGA President Barrington McFarlane said. “It really says a lot about our school.”

Towards the end of the event at 7:30 p.m, McFarlane, announced the results of the raffle hosted at the event, where free tickets to future homecomings and the upcoming prom were given away to three lucky, randomly drawn winners. After the names echoed through the cafeteria, students Nick Hayman, Tyler Boggs and Madison Hartley came up to collect their free tickets for next year’s homecoming dance.

As both the students who attended and ran the event exited the cafeteria out into the courtyard, one thing was perfectly clear: school spirit is present now more than ever.

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