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Physical textbooks and online textbooks are both being utilized this school year. Each version has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Photo by Destiny Cazeau

[Opinion] Physical textbooks are better than online textbooks

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, schools across Broward County, including Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, have switched to virtual learning. As a result, the use of online textbooks for school has undoubtedly increased.          Physical and online textbooks essentially do the same job of providing students […]

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Senior Lindsey Salomone participates in her extracurricular activity while following COVID-19 guidelines. Wearing a mask and social distancing are just some of the ways students are staying safe. Photo by Gabriel Uchoa

Social distancing guidelines alter the way students are getting involved in extracurriculars

COVID-19 has been a popular topic of discussion since the outbreak over six months ago. The pandemic has affected each and every aspect of life as we know it; from staying six feet apart to wearing face coverings while in public. Both the switch to […]

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Customers order from Cecilie's Gourmet Italian Ices. Photo by Rayne Welser.

MSD DECA rewards members with free Italian ice

Members of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School DECA club who paid their $30 dues by Sept. 9 were able to pick up one free small Italian ice from Cecilie’s Gourmet Italian Ices. Both the new and returning members of DECA participated in the event, […]

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The term "ACAB" has sparked wide-spread debate over whether or not the phrase is anti-police or simply a critique of the institution.  Graphic by Brianna Jesionowski.

[Opinion] Saying ACAB is justified

This editorial is the opinion of the individual author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Eagle Eye Editorial Board. As Black Lives Matter protesters take to the streets, new mantras have been created and widely popularized through social media. Among these slogans […]

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The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented student-athletes from getting scholarship offers and being scouted. Graphic by Julia Landy

COVID-19 affects student-athletes’ scholarships and scouting opportunities

This year has been full of chaos in a variety of ways. Since March, COVID-19 has affected students athletes at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, some of whom have spent years working towards earning a collegiate athletic scholarship. Quarterback Matt O’Dowd (4), linebacker Jahrel Wilson […]

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Graphic by Madison Lenard

BCPS urges students to reset their Clever passwords for increased security

On Sept. 9, Broward County Public Schools sent out an announcement both through Canvas and a phone call to parents. The county has requested that students in all grades create a new password in an effort to deter hacks into student accounts. “This is a […]

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NBA playoffs gain intensity as second round matchups continue

NBA playoffs gain intensity as second round matchups continue

It has been nearly six months since the NBA suspended their season after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert (27), tested positive for COVID-19. Fans started to question if the NBA would return.  On July 30, the NBA returned with their regular basketball season. Three teams […]

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Laps. Junior Madison Hockman backstrokes some laps in the pool. “During quarantine when the pools were closed I tried to run every day and do a few workouts as well. Once the pool was open, I went to practice as often as I could,” Hockman said. Photo by Mariajose Vera

Student athletes stay in shape for their upcoming seasons

Playing with their school sports teams has been prohibited to student-athletes attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School since March, due to COVID-19 regulations. However, as the fall season is approaching, the Broward County Athletic Department is considering the safety of students and making decisions regarding […]

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Cumber Stadium sits empty, with the decision to play football yet to be put Into action. Photo by Isabelly Silveira

[Opinion] MSD football season should be cancelled

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas football team is highly supported by the MSD staff and students. The school promotes most games, and attendance is usually never low. That does not change the fact that the football season should be avoided and cancelled.  However, this season the […]

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Season 1 of ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ proves incredibly binge-worthy

On Thursday, Sept. 10, Netflix released “Julie and the Phantoms” with a total of nine episodes. In its most basic form, the show is a musical with several episodes directed by Kenny Ortega, who is most well-known for directing “High School Musical.” In a more […]

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