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Patrolling the Halls. Security team member Teresa Williams patrols the halls while class is in session. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Updated security measures create new normal

The security measures enacted at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have continued to evolve since Feb. 14. Some have been abandoned, like clear backpacks, and some have been put on hold, like portable metal detectors. Other measures, such as ID badges, hallway passes and bag searches before school, have continued. Additionally, several new security measures have been implemented for the […]

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Hard at Work. Assistant Principal Daniel Most works in his office in student services. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Assistant Principal Daniel Most joins MSD staff

*This story was co-written by Brianna Jesionowski & Amelia Weiss  From the moment you walk into Assistant Principal Daniel Most’s office, it is not hard to understand who he is. Family photos. Marjory Stoneman Douglas sports posters. Artwork from his children. Certificates from his days in the US Army. UF Gator memorabilia on every single wall and shelf. Most’s office […]

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Media Mayhem.  Photo illustration by Darian Williams

Conflicts involving media worry the public

Due to increasingly accessible technology, the presence of media follows us wherever we take our digital footprint. With a never ending tap of information at our fingertips, every realm of modern society has transformed into one that is more easily informed, but also more easily manipulated due to distorted information. The Statistics Portal reports that as of 2019, there will […]

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Mobilized Marchers. MSD Alumni walk down Pennsylvania Ave at the March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C. Photo courtesy of Mobilizing MSD Alumni

MSD Alumni come together to support the Coral Springs and Parkland community

Tragedy often brings people with a similar past together. With a common desire to make a difference after the deadly shooting in their hometown on Feb. 14, many Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School alumni found themselves getting in touch with one another, each eager to lend their support to the Parkland/Coral Springs community. Just hours after the news broke out, […]

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The Many Faces of Trauma. Students feel stress and experience trauma frequently at MSD. Photo illustartion by Nyan Clarke

MSD students and faculty learn and use different methods to cope with trauma

*This story was co-written by Dara Rosen & Anna Dittman. After experiencing a tragedy, the seed of trauma is planted. It can grow and become a life-long struggle that requires care and attention to tame. There is always the possibility that an individual will endure a distressing experience, ultimately scarring them for the rest of their lives. From physical and […]

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Puppy Pose. Junior Haylee Shepard brings her dog, Spree, to school with her everyday for support. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Therapy and service dogs join students on campus

As every new school year begins, the campus welcomes new students and faculty. But this year, man’s best friend has a newfound presence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as therapy dogs and service dogs can both be found on campus. Each day during both lunch periods, two to four therapy dogs are available in the courtyard for MSD students […]

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Wide receiver Aramis Warford (3) lines up before a snap. Photo by Nyan Clarke

Varsity football team defeats Coral Springs High School in Pig Bowl

On Oct. 5, the men’s varsity football team beat the Coral Springs High School Colts. The annual Pig Bowl was played this year at Coral Springs High. As is tradition, the losing school’s principal must kiss a pig. Luckily the Eagles had principal Ty Thompson’s back this year, winning the game 21-0. This is the fourth year in a row […]

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[Brief] Women’s varsity volleyball team falls to West Broward High School

The women’s varsity volleyball team faced a difficult defeat at their final game on Oct. 4 against to the West Broward High School Bobcats. “We’ve lost to them before so maybe it was because we had that preconceived notion that we were going to lose again. I think we were in the wrong headspace,” libero Julie Piedra (6). The team […]

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[Brief] Women’s swim and dive team places first in meet

On Oct. 3, the women’s swim and dive team participated in a meet against Deerfield Beach and Coral Glades High Schools and Coral Springs Charter School. The meet started at 4:30 p.m. and was played at Deerfield High School. The team beat both schools again, making this their third win in a row. “I’m beyond proud of our team,” sophomore […]

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[Brief] Men’s swim and dive team lands in second place after meet

On Oct. 3, the men’s swim and dive team had a meet at Deerfield Beach High School, where they played against Deerfield Beach and Coral Glades High Schools and Coral Springs Charter School. The team managed to beat Deerfield Beach and Coral Glades, but lost against Coral Springs Charter, landing them in second place. “We only have one more meet […]

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