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Sesame Street celebrates 50 years

Sesame Street Turns 50

It all began 50-years-ago, a friendly community of colored birds, grouches, humans and monsters. Everyone was included and kind to one another, causing the show to become a big hit with families and children throughout the years.   Beginning on Nov. 10, 1969, people grew up […]

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The "Joker" movie cover.

“Joker” gives an inside look of living with mental illness

Rough language, brutal violence and bad vibes are all reasons as to why the Joker is rated R.  Mental health is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well being. Fleck, who is otherwise known as the Joker, is introduced with a […]

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Singer Layton Greene tells her own story in new release “Tell Ya Story”

Although autotune can occasionally distract from her smooth voice, SoundCloud artist Layton Greene combines her melodies with natural bass rhythms and drum synthesizers to weave the twisted tale of her troubled love life.  Greene’s Tell Ya Story EP released on all platforms on Sept. 27, […]

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Drama Club members put on a Monsters Inc. event in the auditorium. Photo courtesy of Sam Grizelj.

Douglas Drama puts on MSD’s Not So Scary Halloween

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Drama Club put on its second annual  “MSD’s Not So Scary Halloween” event on Saturday, Oct. 19, based on the famous Disney event by the same name. Not only was it a small charity drive and club fundraiser, but […]

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Photo by Ryan Servaites

Classic books are extremely complex

Classic books are often associated with required reading; however, there is so much more to them than what is discussed in English classes. Most could just be considered old books, there are tons of those. Classic literature isn’t just made up of popular books. In […]

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Disney+ is launching on Nov. 12 2019.

Is Disney’s new streaming service worth the $69.99 a year?

On Nov. 12, Disney will launch their own streaming service titled “Disney +”  in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. With Disney owning Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and numerous other franchises, there is no doubt that many fans of the franchise will be paying […]

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MSD art classes raise awareness for human trafficking

MSD art classes raise awareness for human trafficking

According to WJCT Public Media, human trafficking has become an increasingly prominent issue in Florida, as it ranks third in the U.S. in human trafficking cases reported by states, behind only California and Texas. With increasing news reports telling the stories of human trafficking victims, […]

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MSD students have a variety  of interesting pets

MSD students have a variety of interesting pets

This is a pet-loving world; which is why several students attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are owners of  interesting pets. These pets vary from common pets, such as dogs, to unique animals, such as reptiles.  Each pet is unique, whether or not it has […]

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Photo by Mackenzie Quinn

“The Tyrant’s Tomb” is an exciting addition to The Trials of Apollo series

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019, author Rick Riordan released “The Tyrant’s Tomb,” the fourth book from the “Trials of Apollo” series. The story follows Apollo’s mortal form, Lester, and his ten-year-old master, Meg, on their journey through major and minor prophecies. The first few chapters […]

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Photo by Darian Williams

Hollywood improves at accurate age representation

Many movies hire adult actors to play teenage roles. Most of the time these movies have mature content that minors cannot ethically perform; other times it is from increased work hours that minors cannot meet. Sometimes adults are hired just because they are famous. In […]

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