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Digital unrest. Warmly lit, a laptop shows a civil worker boarding up building walls. Due to reports of political uncertainty, citizens and workers are driven to prepare for potential violence breaking out after the presidential election. Photo taken by Nya Owusu-Afriyie.

[Opinion] Alarmism in the media is harmful to understanding issues

When life around the neighborhood is pleasantly serene, the image of society captured on a phone and computer seems all the more removed from reality. Alarmism, or the excessive exaggeration of an issue’s importance, intensifies this feeling of surreal horror and confusion, as reports of […]

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Graphic by Madison Lenard

Cancel culture becomes society’s prominent form of online public shaming

Cancellations are an aspect of daily life; television shows get canceled when they no longer bring in good ratings, plans get canceled when one or more parties can no longer attend and concerts get canceled when singers are feeling under the weather or are injured. […]

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Twitter generates loud, graphic and public outrage. Graphic by Leah Ronkin

Opinion: Twitter is creating less informed citizens

Twitter is a social media site that took the world by storm. The premise was simple: 140-character messages sent out for anyone to read and respond. It distilled social media down to its barest bones. It was quick and to the point. Twitter did not […]

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