Tag: graphic by Leah Ronkin

It's important to find out what's going on in the minds of our students. Graphic by Leah Ronkin

Opinion: Schools should institute universal mental health screenings

In sixth grade, every student in Broward County receives vision, hearing, BMI, and scoliosis screenings. These coincide with screenings in every academic subject area to gauge the ability to read, interpret information and do mathematical operations. There is one field, though, that is entirely neglected […]

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Twitter generates loud, graphic and public outrage. Graphic by Leah Ronkin

Opinion: Twitter is creating less informed citizens

Twitter is a social media site that took the world by storm. The premise was simple: 140-character messages sent out for anyone to read and respond. It distilled social media down to its barest bones. It was quick and to the point. Twitter did not […]

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