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Seniors Jessie Sinitch and Sam Maldanado show their support for Sanders.

MSD students feel the Bern

With the looming Iowa caucus showing us that it is time to make a decision on who to support as a candidate, it is all the more imperative that we are not subject to political bandwagoning. With candidates like Hillary Clinton who has been debuting […]

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(From left to right) Morgan Schreiber, Kathy Liu, Joanna Zhuang, Jessie Sinitch, Sam Maldonado, Keila Velasquez, and Kathy Liu fill three cars with clothing donations.

Women Out of the Kitchen hosts clothing drive

The holiday season hasn’t quite hit yet, but already, the spirit of giving has begun to saturate the air. Douglas’s Women Out of the Kitchen experienced this premature philanthropic rush last week, as the club hosted the second annual clothing drive for Women in Distress. […]

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