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Graphic by Brianna Jesionowski

Political discussions find their way into the classroom

In the age where political opinions make or break one’s career, many professionals choose to avoid sensitive topics in their workplace as to avoid crossing a forbidden line. In the classroom, however, controversial and political topics are often relevant to what students are learning. Teachers […]

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Cornered. After Winter Break, symbols designating ‘hard corners’ or “safer spaces’ were spray painted in every classroom, except the portables, which are on lease. Symbols were changed from blue to red after stakeholder input. Photo by Nyan Clarke

MSD students experience active shooter drills and implementation of ‘hard corners’

Darkened classrooms filled with mournful silence, students huddled in specific corners reliving raw trauma and a daunting suffocation, as participants reflect upon the tragedies that have led them to this seemingly endless moment time and time again. This is what a code red drill looks […]

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