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BCPS launches a new app, T.A.L.K., to promote the safety and emotional well-being of students. The platform allows students to request help when it comes to abuse or mental health issues.

BCPS introduces app for students to connect with mental health professionals or report abuse

Mental health covers our emotional, psychological and social well-being, affecting the way we think, feel and react. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic shifting the lives of millions of students and thus impacting mental health, more resources have been introduced to schools to combat these arising […]

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Winner. Rachel Kusher poses with a pig during a normal school day at MSD. Kusher was voted for the Broward Schools Counselor of the year. Photo by Ariella Bishari

Rachel Kusher voted Broward Schools Counselor of the Year

Broward County Public Schools has voted one of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School’s guidance counselors, Rachel Kusher, as Broward Schools Counselor of the Year. She is now in the running for the Florida School Counselor of the Year award. “We were partners our first year […]

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