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COVID-19 has affected students' sleep schedules in a seemingly positive way. With more flexible schedules, students have found that they are getting more sleep. Photo by Fenthon Aristhomene

Students experience changes in their sleep schedules during quarantine

From closing down shops and malls to making individuals wear gloves and masks when they leave the house, COVID-19 has affected society in various ways. For many students, the pandemic has allowed them to catch up on their recommended eight hours of sleep.  Sleep is […]

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Due to COVID-19 restaurants within the Parkland and Coral Springs community are transitioning to alternative methods to serving their customers. Photo courtesy of Mel Melcon/TNS

Restaurants in Parkland and Coral Springs utilize drive-through and pickup options

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced restaurant operators around Parkland and Coral Springs to come to a decision on whether or not they should remain open or temporarily shut down. All restaurants in Florida have transitioned to delivery, drive-throughs or curbside pickups, offering no sit-in dining […]

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