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[Brief] Men’s varsity tennis game cut short due to weather

On April 2, the men’s varsity tennis team played Coral Glades High School on their home court. While the Eagles were looking to pull out a win against their opponent, the sky opened up and rain flooded the courts, ending the match prematurely. “We were working hard and playing well, but the weather here is unpredictable,” freshman Ryan Goldblum said. […]

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[Brief] Men’s varsity tennis team keeps up their winning streak after Nova High School

On Feb. 21, the men’s varsity tennis team challenged Nova High School on their home court. Just like the last match against Coral Springs High, the Eagles took another victory for the season, upholding their undefeated streak. “We played as we always do- with confidence and skill that was able to carry out a win,” freshman Ryan Goldblum said. The […]

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