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Sean Simpson, chemistry teacher at MSD, chosen as the Featured Artist at the Parkland Library. Photo by Mariajose Vera.

Chemistry teacher Sean Simpson is chosen as the Parkland Library’s Artist of the Month

Sean Simpson, one of the chemistry teachers at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was selected as the Featured Artist of the Month at the Parkland Library for February. Every month, the Parkland Library displays a local artist’s work in their newly renovated art exhibit. Simpson’s […]

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Astronomy Club launches Aquila 2017

Astronomy teachers Kyle Jeter and Sean Simpson lead Aquila 2017. Aquila is a branch of Astronomy Club that constructs, launches, tracks and retrieves a small 2 feet by 3 feet cooler-sized styrofoam ship and send it up to the atmosphere. Doing all the work is a helium filled balloon […]

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