Principal Michelle Kefford proposes Kefford’s Kitchen and Mid Week Muffins with Michelle


At Mid-Week Muffins with Michelle, muffins and coffee were served to teachers and staff. Photo by Darian Williams.

Ariana Perez

Kefford’s Kitchen provides a way for students to collaborate with her in order to express their ideas and concerns about the school. The first ten students to sign up at each lunch period the week before the meeting will be granted the opportunity to eat lunch, provided by Kefford, with her in her office. The start of Kefford’s Kitchen will be Sept. 26 and will be continued the first Thursday of each month.

“With Kefford’s Kitchen I wanted to make sure that I have open lines of communication with all of my students, so they can share ideas that can benefit our school,” Kefford said. “In order for everyone to have the best time here, it requires a collaborative effort across the school. So I want to make sure that all voices are heard.”

Not only did Kefford create a program for students, she created a similar program for staff members as well. The program is called Mid Week Muffins with Michelle. This program allows staff members to grab a cup of coffee and a muffin while socializing with other staff members and Kefford before school. 

“My inspiration behind Mid Week Muffins with Michelle is that I wanted to create an opportunity for staff to come in the morning before school and just grab a muffin,” Kefford said. “Allowing them to talk about concerns, questions, and offer opinions. Giving me the opportunity to bond with my staff.”

Kefford is ecstatic about the start of her programs; Kefford’s Kitchen and Mid Week Muffins with Michelle, as she strives for the Eagle family to come together and communicate with one another.

For Kefford’s Kitchen, students will be able to sign up in the cafeteria monthly and the first opportunity to sit with the Principal is on Sept. 26. Midweek Muffins with Michelle will occur bi-weekly for staff members only, in the office.