Women Out of the Kitchen hosts anti-Valentine’s fundraiser

Joanna Zhuang

Love is in the air – for the most part, anyways. Douglas’s feminist club, Women Out of the Kitchen, chose instead to embrace female independence with their Anti-Valentine’s Day fundraiser for Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services, a support agency for deaf, deaf-blind, and hearing-impaired victims of domestic violence.

From Monday to Thursday, the club officers sold fabric patches during both first and second lunch at 3 dollars apiece or two patches for 5 dollars. These patches, painstakingly handcrafted by club officers and members, feature liberating slogans like “Love is fake,” “girl power,” and “not your babe.”

“I really loved the patches we made because of their positive messages, which were little twists on the love-dependent message of Valentine’s Day,” Women Out of the Kitchen treasurer Katherine Liu said. “I got a black one with white lettering that says ‘Love is fake.’”

The fundraiser, in combination with Women Out of the Kitchen’s earlier Cherry Smash benefit night, on which 10 percent of proceeds were to be donated to ADWAS, raised over 40 dollars for the organization this year. These two fundraisers are just two of the many fundraisers conducted by the small club since its formation in 2014.

Last year, the club hosted a concert featuring local bands at Anonymous Guitars, raising a total of 813 dollars for ADWAS through ticket, cupcake, and patches sales. WOK also worked with Spoken Word Club to host a poetry night that raised over 200 dollars for ADWAS.

ADWAS is not the only charity the feminist club has benefitted, however. For the past two years, WOK has hosted a highly successful clothing drive for Women in Distress, raising over 7,000 dollars worth of both men and women’s clothing and shoes.

“I’m so glad that I can be involved in such great causes,” Liu said. “A lot of people criticize WOK for being a society of man-haters, but just looking at all we’ve done to help the minorities of society proves that we’re more than just ‘feminazis,’ which is definitely highly insulting and a completely inaccurate description of who we are and all that we stand for.”