MSD seniors Steve Shibu and Aidan Ousley share their opinions and experiences through their ‘No Pressure Podcast’


Theron Piccininni

Planning the next episode for their “No Pressure Podcast,” MSD seniors Steve Shibu and Aidan Ousley ponder different speaking points. Shibu suggests they converse their favorite chip flavors.

Isabel White, Section editor

Looking for a new source of entertainment, you scroll across Spotify and find the vibrant “No Pressure Podcast,” written by Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School seniors Steve Shibu and Aidan Ousley. The “No Pressure Podcast” represents The Eagle Eye, the MSD student-ran newspaper.

Releasing their first episode Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020, Shibu and Ousley have released one season with 30 episodes, airing every Friday, and are currently recording their second season. The podcast allows them to discuss world problems and their opinions on various new trends.

“The podcast is about anything and everything,” Shibu said. “We sit together and just talk about current topics and what’s going on in this world.”

With its casual style, the podcast discusses topics they feel would appeal to their high school-dominant audience. With only 30 minutes of preparation, Shibu and Ousley speak for approximately 15 minutes, recording in the closet of the newspaper classroom with a microphone and two chairs.

Beginning each episode with a clap, Shibu and Ousley conversate about whatever is occuring in their lives.

“[The podcast] means a lot to me, it gives me an outlet to talk about what I want to,” Ousley said. “We started the podcast because we both like different forms of media and it’s something we are interested in doing in the future.”

Having a consistent audience of over 100 listeners, many listeners find the podcast’s topic selection intriguing, an extra bonus in addition to Shibu and Ousley’s enjoyment. With such a broad topic area, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

“I love Aidan and Steve’s podcast. It is a very intriguing podcast that discusses current and sometimes controversial topics,” senior Landon Reuter said. “My favorite part of their podcast is when they discuss current sports news.”

The podcast has featured multiple guest appearances, including senior David Lopez, a Sports Editor for The Eagle Eye, and their most recent episode with senior Theron Piccininni, a Photo Editor for The Eagle Eye.

Shibu’s favorite episode is episode seven, “The World of Music,” while Ousley’s favorite episode features senior David Lopez and will be released soon.

Episode seven, “The World of Music,” features Shibu and Ousley vocalizing their favorite types of music. Shibu emphasizes his interest towards Louisiana jazz music, 80s rock, 90s rock and other genres. Ousley portrays his pleasure with the band AC/DC.

There are several other topics that Shibu and Ousley speak about. Friday, Oct. 8, the next podcast episode will be released with a fresh subject-to be announced soon on Spotify.

“This has been a great experience for me and hopefully we can pass it on to someone else when we graduate,” Ousley said.

Although Shibu and Ousley are graduating in 2022, they want their podcast to live on through The Eagle Eye for years to come.