[Review] How the cookie Crumbl’s (11/15-11/20)


Malena Molina

This week’s cookie selections were Apple Pie, Dark Dream, Smores and Carrot Cake.

Briana Martin and Malena Molina

Each week Crumbl Cookies offers their newest appetizing flavors in addition to their classic Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar cookie flavors. This week’s flavors are Carrot Cake, Apple Pie, Smores and Dark Dream.

Starting off with Smores, the cookie looked ready to bite into. Crunchy on the outside with melted chocolate chips on the inside, this cookie was campfire ready. Unfortunately, there was only a small amount of marshmallow that got heavily overlooked by the disproportionate amount of milk chocolate.

This cookie was savory and sweet, the only lacking factor was the inadequate marshmallow flavor. However, this cookie was not a disappointment. A little more marshmallows and this cookie has the potential of being an excellent cookie. We would rate this cookie a 9/10.

Served warm, Dark Dream is true to its name, as this cookie was a dark chocolate all around delicacy. This moist cookie was a joy to devour. We would most definitely recommend this cookie to dark chocolate lovers, and for those who can’t handle the cacao we would recommend keeping water within reach.

There is nothing bad to say about this cookie, but it is not for everyone. We would rate this cookie a 10/10.

Another warm cookie was the Apple Pie, our least favorite. As an all-American treat-turned-cookie, expectations were high, but this cookie did not live up to the hype. There was more cinnamon with apples than apples with cinnamon. The little-to-no apple slices left you wanting more.

The cookie was mostly a crust which was the perfect blend of moist and crunchy. Unfortunately, there was no note of apple in the cookie itself. This cookie was definitely not our favorite so we would not recommend it to a friend. This cookie was a 5/10.

Last and certainly least, the Carrot Cake cookie was not appealing. The first bite tasted like biting into cinnamon toast crunch cereal, not at all like a carrot or cake. Although this might be a treat for others, non-cinnamon lovers would not enjoy this cookie. My only favorable part of the cookie was the cream cheese frosting with pecans.

However, there was absolutely no hint of carrot in the cookie though. We would not have known it was a carrot cake cookie if it was not for the label. Sadly, this Carrot Cake was a 3/10.

Overall, this menu was an interesting experience. We enjoyed half of the menu, and it seemed cinnamon was a popular taste in the cookies this week; cinnamon lovers are in luck this week and should enjoy these cookies before they are gone. As always, Crumbl Cookies surprised us with their menu.