[Brief] Mr. Douglas annual pageant takes place at MSD

Phiona Smith, Writer

The 4th annual Mr. Douglas male beauty pageant at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sponsored by the LED Dance Club was held on Thursday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.
The commission for pre-sale tickets were $5 and sold during both lunches at the L-counter and $7 at the door on Jan. 13th.

Each grade level has one representative in the competition. Contestants for the pageant are freshman Makism Grinko, sophomore Caleb Herbert, junior Charles Dellaira Jr. and senior Sean McHenry.

The pageant is divided into different portions. In previous years, the pageant consisted of a swim wear contest, interview portion and talent portion.

Last year’s pageant was awarded to senior Abel Ossers which earned him the title as Mr. Douglas.

This year’s pageant had four sections: an Introduction, a swimsuit contest, interview questions, and a talent show. Each contestant chose his desired talent that they wanted to perform. The Freshman contestant played the piano, the Sophomore contestant played the trumpet, the Junior contestant did comedy, and the Senior contestant performed a dance. The winner was senior contestant Sean McHenry.

“It was a very interesting and entertaining performance to watch,I enjoyed every part of it,” junior Alexandra Senior said.

Many MSD students and staff highly anticipate the LED Dance Club continuing the Mr. Douglas Male pageant in the years to come.