Seniors can review spellings of their names to go on their diplomas before Feb. 4

Over 800 seniors have to go to guidance to verify their names for their diploma.

Phiona Smith, Writer

Since high school diplomas will be ordered soon for MSD seniors, it’s time for students to verify first names, middle names, last names, spacings and/or apostrophes.

There is a list in the lobby of the guidance office, in front of the registrar’s office, that lists the names of all seniors. Students are encouraged to stop by and see if their listed names have any errors.

If all looks well, students should initial next to their name indicating that corrections are not needed. If corrections need to be made, seniors must see Andrea Ulfe, the school registrar, to complete a form with the correct form of your full legal name.

Students are not to wait to make corrections. After the diplomas are ordered, corrections and reorders are not allowed. The last day to correct names is Friday, Feb. 4.