Broward County Public Schools opens their 6th-12th Student Climate Survey to evaluate student attitudes and schools


Sofia Schorer Kaplan

Opening in Feb., the student climate survey was made available to schools across Broward County. The survey is meant for 6th to 12th graders and can be accessed through Clever. The point of the survey is to collect students’ opinions on their school and its environment. Survey available for student completion on Clever.

Sofia Schorer Kaplan, Social Media Editor (Class Intercom)

Beginning in February at MSD, as well as throughout Broward County Public Schools, 6th to 12th graders were assigned to take a student climate survey via their Clever homepage. The survey is done annually by the BCPS district to collect students’ opinions on their school and its environment.

The survey is completely anonymous and students’ responses will not be used against them in any form. The purpose of the survey is to evaluate student attitudes and beliefs about the school by asking questions analyzing their experiences. Survey questions ask about how students are treated at school, their extracurriculars, their involvement in class and other aspects of their school experience.

Besides MSD, the survey is intended to collect data from all other schools in BCPS and use that data to improve upon what changes students wish to see in upcoming school years. A minimum 10 percent of replies must be met for those changes to be made by the district.

BCPS is pushing for the completion of the survey by students in hopes of achieving enough survey submissions. The survey also features more personal questions, such as student drug and alcohol use and bullying.

With all submissions being anonymous, students are encouraged to answer all questions with full honesty. The survey takes between 5-20 minutes to complete.