MSD Culinary introduces food ‘pop-up’ shop for students and staff


Glory Lee

Culinary students spend the afternoon dicing, chopping and sautéing ingredients to prepare pre-ordered meals for MSD teachers and staff.

Kelly Cooke, Writer

MSD Culinary has recently introduced a food “pop-up” shop for students and teachers. For only $5, staff and students can purchase a culinary meal which consists of a drink, chips and a main dish. These dishes are cooked and prepared by Culinary 3 and 4 students during class. 

“I think it is really cool that we get to do this, especially for some kids who may not bring lunch to school, and it’s only five dollars,” senior Jake Okulanis said. 

The students in culinary can deliver the food to the faculty members who purchased a meal. 

“I rate the food a 7 out of 10, it’s a really good burger and there’s a lot more options that will be coming soon,” Culinary 1 teacher Nicholas Cochenour said. 

The main goal of creating this mini food store is to provide food for the MSD student body and teachers at a low cost. Not only do culinary students get to provide a service for their peers, they get to gain more experience making food. The culinary students have been and will continue to work very hard to prepare and serve all these meals. 

“It’s a really good deal because kids get to pay a cheap price for such a filling meal. I also love making food for the students and teachers because it is finally something different besides a basic school meal,” senior Mia Refaeli said. 

When making food, the culinary students put the time and dedication into making the meals. They recently have been making burgers as the main meal; however, more options are coming soon.

“Compared to spending $2 on each item, a combo meal provides a better budget for options, like a meal with a cookie, or a meal with chips and a drink,” senior Sidney Jenner said. 

The culinary pop-up stores’ meals can be purchased through the MSD e-store.