MSD Deca state competitors enjoy their time up in Orlando


Sasha Lechtenstein

DECA state competitors that qualified to compete in the state competition enjoyed their time in Orlando. They participated in various events of finance, marketing and hospitality.

Sophia Golberg, Section editor

After months of hard work and anticipation, the Distribution Education Clubs of America chapter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School finally made their way to Orlando for DECA state competition, a competition that allows DECA students all across Florida to compete for a chance to go to the International Career Development Conference.

250 students ended up going on the Orlando trip. Although the trip was intended for the DECA states competition, it was packed full with activities for students to enjoy.

On Thursday, March 3 at 8 a.m. when students took buses to Orlando and arrived at the Buena Vista Hilton just seconds away from Disney Springs. Students had the option of exploring Disney Springs when they were not attending competition related events.

“I loved that Disney Springs was right next to the hotel,” junior Renata Silva said. “I was able to walk around with my friends and try out some really delicious restaurants.”

The competition’s opening ceremony was held on Thursday night. Students wore their business professional attire and enjoyed the event.

“I really liked the opening ceremony,” senior Brannon Willis said. “There was a super talented acapella group that performed as well as multiple inspiring speeches from the top DECA students in the district.”

On Friday, March 4, students competed in the category of their choosing and presented to judges. Competition times were scattered throughout the day ranging from early morning to late afternoon. After competing, students were free to roam the hotel or Disney Springs until the chapter’s dinner at Benihana.

“My favorite part of the trip was being able to compete alongside my friends,” sophomore Aneesha Nooklala said.

After dinner, DECA hosted a karaoke night. It was super popular among most of the students.

On Saturday, March 5, MSD students went to Universal for a day full of thrills and fun. Students had the choice of either spending the day at Universal Studios or Islands of Adventures.

“I love Universal and was so excited to spend the day there with my friends,” Silva said. “My favorite part definitely had to be going to Harry Potter World as I’ve always loved the movies and books.”

Saturday night, students attended the awards ceremony at 8:30 p.m. Among the winner’s included juniors Lindsay Nattis, Sami Bross, and Olivia Binder.

“We won second in our category of Sports and Entertainment Operations Research,” junior Olivia Binder said. “We all worked so hard and I’m so proud of us.”

Sunday morning, students loaded onto buses and headed back to MSD. They had a fantastic time at the DECA state competition and hope to return next year.