MSD DECA program makes its way to Atlanta for ICDC in late April


Rayne Welser

Junior Jolie Wainland working on her presentation for ICDC. ICDC is a DECA conference where students go to present and compete against other DECA programs.

Alison LaTorre, Associate Editor-in-Chief

For over 76 years, DECA has been making a large impact on high school students’ lives and their future careers in various ways. DECA provides an opportunity for students all across America to learn about finance and the financial hardships of being an adult in today’s world. Students learn about credit cards,stocks, etc. and they are also given several opportunities to grow and demonstrate these skills through internships and competitions.

Each year, DECA hosts states that can eventually lead to many students being accepted into the International Career Development Conference, or ICDC. Students can also be accepted into ICDC by doing well in the Stock Market Game.

“ICDC could provide a few benefits including but not limited to scholarship opportunities, life experience, financial knowledge and more,” sophomore Nicholas Montenegro said.

From April 23-24 in Atlanta, Georgia, about 17,000 DECA members will gather for the ICDC to learn skills for college and future careers. There will be many activities held at the conference, starting with competitive events. Students will have a chance to compete by showing their college and career skills and knowledge through roleplays and presentations in hopes of being named the international champion of their respective category.

“Students will either write a 10- or 20-page research paper which is a full-blown marketing plan. They then must create visuals and a presentation that allows them to pitch their research, proposed solutions, and key metrics to use to measure success,” DECA teacher Mitchell Albert said. “ They get the opportunity to compete in a competitive environment that will continue to benefit them by applying these employability skills in their college and careers.”

Another event students will take part in is the Emerging Leaders Series, where thousands of DECA members will be able to gain 21st century skills in collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication. This event will enable students to learn a lot about how life will be like after high school.

“I’m excited for ICDC because I get to experience traveling with my friends while competing with the project that I have been working hard on, alongside my teammates, in hopes of placing at [the] international competition,” sophomore Aneesha Nookala said.

Along with lots of other competition events, students will also have the opportunity to learn more for their futures through the exhibits provided by the organization. These exhibits will answer any questions DECA members may have regarding education and careers.