How MSD students prepare for exams


Mariapaz Santacoloma

Students at MSD are starting preparations for upcoming exams in May, such as End-of-Course and advanced placement tests.

Erika Ryan, Writer

As the school year begins to come to an end, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students prepare to take their final exams. Exams take place in the first week of May for Advanced Placement courses and the last week of May or first week of June for other classes depending on if students are seniors or underclassmen.

There are different ways students are preparing themselves for these upcoming exams. One of the ways students are studying is by attending study groups that their teachers have organized in their free time. Recently many Advanced Placement teachers have been scheduling after school review sessions for their students, recovering the lessons they learned throughout the school year.

“My AP teachers have after school review sessions almost everyday,” senior Elaine Chen said. “These reviews are so helpful considering that the end of the year is normally a very stressful time for me. I have three AP classes, government, literature, and statistics. These reviews have helped me tremendously in preparing myself for my exams.”

Students are also going into their own study groups with friends and classmates if their teacher hasn’t scheduled review sessions yet. Using Quizlet and/or other browsers to create study sets for their finals along with meeting up with friends after school or electronically to go over the material has been a very successful way for students to study.

“I have used Quizlet for all my tests throughout the school year,” senior Hannah Leon said. “My friends and I meet up at local coffee shops and use it to quiz one another. It’s a very efficient way to learn material very fast.”

Besides meeting up for review sessions with classmates or teachers, students have been using Canvas to go back to old modules their teachers have gone over. Textbooks have also been a good way for students to look back at past lessons and prepare themselves for their tests.

“I’ve been using Canvas as one of my resources for studying for my exams,” junior Charlie Zaukas said. “I’m able to use the resource tool and look at my class textbooks to review as well as modules my teachers have published.”

Using other sources such as Youtube with Educational channels such as Crash Course and The Organic Chemistry Tutor, students can use the videos to go over material that could be challenging for them or that they don’t remember.

“Youtube has been the main tool for me to review for exams,” junior Azul Thurdekoos said. “I normally use Crash Course on Youtube to review for my history class. The way Crash Course explains topics makes it easy for me to comprehend the material.”

Practicing on AP Classroom is another way students are studying for their Advanced Placement exams. AP Classroom allows students to practice with practice tests and assignments their teachers have assigned for them.

As classes start winding down with only a month left of school, students are getting ready for their final exams. Tools such as after school reviews, study browsers, Canvas modules, and Youtube videos are efficient and effective ways for students to prepare themselves for testing.