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As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, the Eagle Eye takes an in-depth look at the recent legislation passed in the state of Florida.

Florida passes 26 bills affecting education in the 2022 legislative session

During the 2022 Florida legislative session, in which the regular session started on January 11 and wrapped up on March 14, 285 bills of the 3,373 bills filed were adopted. Several of these bills affected education; 26 education-related bills passed and 36 failed.

Florida Legislative sessions last for 60 consecutive days and occur every year. The legislature can convene outside of a regular session by a special session, which could potentially be called by the Florida governor and allows the legislature to meet outside of a regular session, or a joint proclamation issued by the senate president and house speaker. An extension of a regular session or special session needs a three-fifths vote from each house in order to extend.

In the session, Florida’s budget increased 10% to $112.1 billion with roughly $650 million in tax cuts. Bills introduced and passed targeted many “hot-button” issues, including abortion, the LGBTQ+ community, race, education, mask mandates and standardized testing.

The bills passed and signed into law, in addition to other actions taken by Gov. Ron DeSantis or the legislature, will likely affect Florida’s upcoming elections. The midterm elections will decide Florida’s next governor, cabinet members, House and Senate members as well as United States senators and representatives.

Florida implements new financial literacy half-credit graduation requirement
Florida rejects 41% of math textbooks that include ‘prohibited’ content like Critical Race Theory
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ redistricting map eliminates two predominantly Black congressional districts
Florida establishes term limits for school board members and parental input on school library books
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis outlaws teaching Critical Race Theory in the state of Florida
Florida schools to benefit from the 2022-2023 state budget of $112.1 billion starting July 1
Florida establishes Nov. 7 as “Victims of Communism Day”
Charter school decisions to shift to the state rather than staying in local counties
Florida bans abortion after 15 weeks
Florida replaces FSA testing with progress-monitoring exams
MSD students fear the effects of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill
Florida packs various new legislation into a 181-page budget bill
Teachers fear lowering of salary after Florida passes new local tax referenda requirements

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