Marjory Stoneman Douglas women’s Varsity volleyball defeats coral springs colts in tight three-set game

Natalia Lopez, Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas women’s varsity volleyball team played a home game against Coral Springs High School after a game the previous day agaisnt Monarch High School that ended in a final record of 3-1. After their victory against Coral Springs, the team hopes to continue their streak moving forward with their season. The record for this season so far has been 6-3, with hopes to improve before the season is over.

A quick start to the game began shortly after 4 pm, the Eagles quickly scored their first couple points seconds within the game, leading the first set.

The game had a solid start along with several blocks made by middle Angeles Berroa (4). The team built up enough points to continue with their lead in the first set with a score of 10-6. Soon after, the set ended with a final score of 25-10.

Starting the second set the game began to get tighter with the Colts catching up. The Eagles served almost most of the time during the duration of the set. After having both teams consecutively keeping the ball from the floor, the Eagles finally scored a point that kept them in the lead through the second set. The team had a few ups and downs that caused the Colts to score but that didn’t stop them.

“I think we help one another get out of our own heads and communicate with each other to come together as a team to play well,” outside hitter Isabella Cox (2) said.

Back and forth between teams, the Eagles scored another point ending with a final score to the second set of 25-18.

With the start of the third set, the Eagles began to attempt to wrap up the game. With multiple serves being out of bounds, the team was becoming exhausted and didn’t have the momentum from the first set. They quickly tried to recuperate as the Colts were in the lead 7-2.

The Eagles came back for the win and started to score points, which led them to a score of 10-14.

“I think we had our struggles but came back at the end as a team and won,” Cox said.

They began to feel more confident within themselves and gave it their all, which helped them push through the rest of the game to win this game with a score in the last set of 25-14. Their next game is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 6 at 4:30 against Nova High School.