Marjory Stoneman Douglas JV Football team defeats Coral Springs High with minutes remaining in fourth quarter


Carolina Ochoa Lozano

The MSD JV football team groups together for a huddle. The Eagles’ teamwork led them to win 22-14.

Natalia Lopez, Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior varsity football team gained their momentum back after a win against 2-1 Coral Glades High School. As the season continued, they maintained a 1-1 record. The game began at 5:30 p.m.

The Eagles began with a twenty-five yard run by running back Lawerence Morantus (5) as the first drive for possession of the ball. With penalties and interferences occuring, the game quickly escalated as a touchdown was made by running back Xavier Velez (26). As the first quarter came to a close, linebacker Cristiano Blake (8) sacked the quarterback, blocking the Jaguars from their potential play. The Eagles ended the first quarter with a score of 8-0.

Continuing on into the second quarter, Blake recovered a fumble for the Eagles to gain possession once again. The Eagles were motivated and began gaining more momentum during the quarter. Progressing into the quarter, quarterback Joshua Espinosa (4) scored the second touchdown for the game along with a kick that earned the team an extra point. The game went on with multiple pauses as Velez scored the third touchdown of the game. Soon after, the Eagles’ defense collapsed towards the end of the quarter, allowing the Jaguars to score their first touchdown ending off with a score of 22-6.

Starting a slow third quarter, the Eagles continuously went back and forth with the Jaguars. The Eagles completely lost their energy and momentum, with no points given to either team during the duration of the third quarter.

“After the half, we believed we won the game and took our foot off the gas, which allowed the game to get close,” Espinosa said.

Coming to an end, the Eagles began the fourth quarter attempting to regain the strength to prevent a loss. With a jumpstart to the quarter, Blake completed another sack towards the Jaguars, keeping them in the back field. After a couple plays, the Eagles began to become restless once again allowing the Jaguars to score their second touchdown of the game along with a two point conversion following the touchdown ending the game off 22-14.

“The team could improve by playing one hundred percent effort during one hundred percent of the game,” running guard and snapper RJ Meis (52) said.

With the Eagles dominating the Jaguars they soon prepare for their next upcoming game, Wednesday, Oct. 19, away at Pakohee High School. They will prepare themselves and attempt to recover and resolve any mistakes made during this game to better improve their performance for the following games to come.