[Opinion] Time management is essential to success in school


Gabie Soivilus

Time management can help students avoid racking up missing assignments with effective organization. Avoiding the stress of messy papers and late assignments is only a start.

Gabie Soivilus, Reporter

In middle school, studying was significantly easier as lessons were shorter and there was less information to process. However, when it comes to studying in high school, it is a completely different ball game. With the addition of Advanced Placement classes, extracurricular activities such as clubs and sports and important exams like the FSA, ACT and SAT, it can be hard for students to balance everything.

Students tend to procrastinate assignments and turn them in late towards the end of the quarter/semester. This can cause unsatisfactory performance on assignments and stress to get those assignments done on time. Time management can help students avoid this burden.

“Taking care of our mental health is very important for everyone, and since students often get increased stress and anxiety levels due to the pressure of studies, it reflects on their poor performance,” leverageedu.com, an organization that helps students maximize their time, said.

Failing to effectively manage your time can lead students to feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out in an effort to balance their busy schedules. This can set them behind in classes and cause their grades to slowly fall without realization.

Simply making a to-do list on which assignments are more important and choosing those to prioritize instead of doing multiple assignments at once can greatly help students be more productive. Additionally, to avoid feeling burnt out and unmotivated while you are completing homework, it can be beneficial to take quick 10 minute breaks to ensure that your brain can refocus.

You can also try to remove distractions. For example, keeping your phone in a drawer away from your desk will limit the destruction of notifications and help one focus on the task.

There are different ways to improve your study habits, such as designating certain times to studying can be helpful in meeting your goals. Without time management students’ mental state may slowly decrease and major amounts of stress can cause their work to come out unsatisfactory.

Additionally, using time management to allot time for after-school activities can give students a head start for planning for college, while also getting in your graduation requirements. Volunteer hours are another important requirement in high school and some colleges, such as the University of South Florida, require over 100 hours to apply. 58 percent of people agreed that students who have done community service are accepted into higher education institutions.

Grades can be overwhelming especially with midterms at the end of the semester. To effectively boost a bad grade, students should make sure they are caught up in all their assignments, and take up any extra credit opportunities.

With time management, students are able to reach their full potential while actually remaining prudent. You can achieve this by finishing tasks on time, prioritizing your tasks and learning how to be productive.School can be tremendously overwhelming for many individuals, but time management can be extremely effective in making your daily routine more efficient.