MSD men’s varsity basketball dominates against Everglades High to keep undefeated record

Guard Jhalen Phang (5) scores first point of game with a dunk against Everglades High School minutes within the start of the first quarter.

Aubrey LaTorre and Natalia Lopez

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School men’s varsity basketball went up against Everglades High School on Tuesday, Dec. 6. The team started off with a quick warm-up, practicing their skills and discussing techniques as they prepared to increase their 4-0 record..

The Eagles started off with full momentum during the first quarter and scored a three-pointer within the first three minutes of the game. Everglades then came back and stole the ball from the Eagles to score their first point of the game.

Both teams went a few minutes without scoring until the Eagles scored a layup to bring the score to 4-2. Further into the quarter, the Eagles scored four more points, leading up to shooting guard Nick Frazier (10) stealing the ball and powering through the court to dunk on Everglades. Soon before the first quarter ended, the Eagles scored a three-pointer, ending the quarter with a score of 33-19.

Leading into the second quarter, the Eagles didn’t waste time as they quickly scored by dunk. The game began to slow down, and no team scored until the Eagles fouled Everglades, awarding Everglades a free throw. Soon after, the Eagles wanted to recuperate for the lost points, and power forward Damerius Summers (1) dunked on the Everglades opponent to bring the lead to 35-21. The Eagles took their opportunity to score four more points against Everglades, ending the second quarter with a score of 39-25.

The Eagles began to lose their momentum towards the third quarter, allowing for Everglades to score continuously on the Eagles.

“I believe our team could’ve executed our plays a little better, but besides that, I believe we had a pretty good game,” point guard Jack Serviates (15) said.

The third quarter continued on as the Eagles led the game 41-25, with only a couple fouls from each team. As the Eagles progressively led back into the game, another dunk was made by the Eagles, ending the third quarter.

Going into the fourth quarter, the Eagles players were thrilled with the outcome of the game. Point guard Jhalen Phang (5) fouled his Everglades defender at the start of the quarter, which allowed for Everglades to receive a free throw where they made both shots. The Eagles didn’t let a free throw stop them as they continued on their game with full confidence and made multiple three-pointers. The game ended off with a score of 72-48. The Eagles’ next game is scheduled to be on Tuesday, Dec. 13 against Charles W. Flanagan High School at 7:30 p.m., where the Eagles will look to capitalize on the momentum built from their undefeated 5-0 record.